Monday, April 18, 2011


Most people that know me know I have a serious
button obsession
They are all over my house, on display, in jars, drawers, just about everywhere.
These are the newest additions to my collection. I got these little beauties at a cute fabric shop in Boulder City, NV. They had jars of vintage buttons and sold them by the button.
Button Heaven!

I wish I could have bought about 100 more. These will be showing up on future hats, diaper covers and any other crocheted items I can put them on.

{Mother of pearl vintage Buttons}

Isn't the bag they came in just perfect?
I think I will save to use as wrapping paper.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Current Projects

I went to a yarn store yesterday with only a 1/2 hour to spare before I needed to pick up my kids. I did on purpose because I knew I would waste hours in there otherwise! I found some beautiful silk yarn to make these:

Afternoon Tea Fingerless Mittens

I am making this for my BIL...

So that he has something besides THIS to wear through the Illinois winters....

And I still desperately want to make these just for fun.

Pattern Update...

A better picture of my first pattern
(on an adorable human girl instead of a vase!)

I have about 7 patterns listed and several more floating around in my brain, keeping me up at night. I can't wait to work them all out hopefully find some winners.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


When I started crocheting, I remember looking at patterns and thinking, "WOW, these people are SO in the world do they come up with these patterns and write them out like this! I surely will NEVER be able to do that!" I specifically remember telling some friends that I was the "type" who could follow a pattern but would NEVER be able to make my own.

Well, remember the old saying,

"Never say never?"
I learned my lesson. I typed and listed my first pattern for sale today. {insert applause here}

It's more than just a step in my crocheting education. It is a life lesson as well. It's amazing what you can do with some practice and perseverance. It's amazing to see how naturally things come with experience. There are still lots of complicated patterns that I look at and marvel at the creativity and detail and I'm tempted to think to myself, I'll never be that good. But who knows? The possibilities are endless! None of us is a "type". We can be whatever we choose.

THANK YOU to all of you who support my "addiction"! There is no better feeling than to see someone enjoy my creations!

I am hoping to be posting many more patterns in the coming weeks!