Friday, February 4, 2011

Current Projects

I went to a yarn store yesterday with only a 1/2 hour to spare before I needed to pick up my kids. I did on purpose because I knew I would waste hours in there otherwise! I found some beautiful silk yarn to make these:

Afternoon Tea Fingerless Mittens

I am making this for my BIL...

So that he has something besides THIS to wear through the Illinois winters....

And I still desperately want to make these just for fun.


  1. I must have a set of those beautiful silk gloves and the bacon scarf and the star wars set {Bob would love those for Christmas next year}.

    When are you coming into town next?

  2. I'm thinking maybe the end of Feb. when the girls have a 3 day weekend. Did you and Steph get my message on FB? I sent messages to a bunch of people one day and nobody responded so I'm wondering if they are going through?

  3. Where did you find the patterns for the Star wars peeps? My nephews would love those!